Pumpkin crop succeeds despite heat

How did the pumpkins do this hot dry summer? At Jones Family Farms it was a "bumper crop."

“We did a lot of watering,” says Terry Jones, “and we were very fortunate to receive some wonderful timely showers in early July and early August. Adds Jamie Jones – “We’ve als developed some special techniques utilizing natural mulches and composts that increase the water holding capacity of our rich soil.”

Jamie Jones points out “We try to follow my great-great- great grandfather’s credo ‘Be good to the land, And the land will be good to you’.”

This year Jones Family Farms is headed South of the Border for a “Pumpkin Fiesta” theme. Jean Jones encourages visitors to enjoy our colorful displays that reflect the rich culture, heritage, history, food, and artistic achievements of Latin America. She says “Browse around The Mercado– our Fiesta Market. You’ll feel as though you’re in the streets of Peru or Venezuela with the colorful decorations, squash, and pumpkins!”

Jones Family Farms is located in Shelton, Connecticut, off Route 110. The Pumpkinseed Hill Farm at 120 Beardsley Road in Shelton, is open daily through October 31 st from 10AM-5:30PM for pumpkin picking, hayrides, and the corn-maze. Admission to the farm is free.

For more information regarding hours of operation, picking locations, picking tips, and otherdetails, visitors can call the Farmer Jones Crop Info Line at (203) 929-8425, or visit the Jones website at www.jonesfamilyfarms.com.

*Note: Farmer Jones will incorporate the Shelton Public School’s vocabulary word of the week into each Crop Report message during the pumpkin season.

*Note: The annual Children’s Festival activities take place Saturday, Oct. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 30 . A separate Press Release will follow as we approach that event.