Reisman gets ‘understanding’ mediation

Shelton attorney Glenn Reisman recently took his mediation skills to the next level by receiving mediation intensive training at The Center for Understanding In Conflict.

In the “understanding” model of conflict resolution, the mediator helps disputing parties to make informed decisions together, based on a deeper understanding of what is important and meaningful to them. The parties control the outcome.

Traditional mediations are conducted with the parties in separate rooms. The understanding-based model of mediation believes that people in conflict should remain in the same room, with or without their attorneys. The mediator doesn’t favor one party over the other.

Understanding-based mediation is suitable for both business disputes and family disputes, including employer versus employee, manufacturer vs. vendor, buyer vs. seller, dissolution of a business partnership, termination of employment, inheritance disputes, school vs. parent, homeowner vs. contractor and more.

If successful, the parties avoid the financial and emotional expense of the court system, and the parties fashion an outcome that satisfies both. If the parties don’t reach a resolution during mediation, they can still sue each other or continue to do battle in court, until a judge declares one of them to be the winner.

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