Scinto visits St. Joseph Elementary

Bob Scinto, well-known real estate developer and business leader in Shelton, toured St.Joseph School on Coram Avenue (Pre-K through 8th grade), to meet with faculty and students.

Due to a grant from Mr. Bob Scinto, 35 Bob Scinto Scholarships, each worth $2,000, are being given to new students registering in St. Joseph Elementary School for the 2016-17 school year.

Mr. Scinto said he stands comfortably by his decision to provide St. Joseph’s with 35 scholarships.

“It’s important to make good investments. This is the best investment I can make,” said Scinto.

Mr. Scinto toured the school and engaged with students in several classrooms. As he shook each child’s hand, he gently instructed some of the younger children which hand to use, and to look him in the eye when they shook his hand.

He also gave the students personal advice based on his own career.

“Your ability to solve problems is what makes you a successful person,” Mr. Scinto said.

The students were excited to meet Mr. Scinto. One pre-K student invited him to lunch, another student asked him to attend the school’s large “Spring Concert” taking place that evening, and one fourth-grade girl enthusiastically spoke out and thanked him for what he’s done for the school.

Mr. Scinto asked a number of the students, “What do you like best about this school?”

Some answered with the quality of education, others commented on the comradery within the school, and others exclaimed that the teachers made a difference.  

Mr. Scinto said before leaving how much he enjoyed his visit.

“I love talking to kids like you. When I look into your eyes, I see myself at your age; and when you look into my eyes, perhaps you may see yourself someday at my age!”

For a tour or more information about St. Joseph’s School, contact Principal Stephen Anderson at (203) 924-4669 or Director of Enrollment Angela Mantero at (203) 331-6834.