Shelton and Stratford Legislators react to Altice USA layoffs

Stratford and Shelton’s state legislative delegations, State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120), Ben McGorty, (R-122), Jason Perillo (R-113) Joe Gresko (D-121) and State Senators Kevin Kelly (R-21) and Ed Gomes (D-23) called on the State Department of Labor to initiate Connecticut’s Rapid Response Team to work with Altice USA to assist 591 employees who will be laid off in the Stratford and Shelton area following an announcement that Optimum is closing its operations in both towns.

Altice made their announcement about the impending layoffs this week noting that technology upgrades resulting in fewer customer calls made the move necessary.

In their letter to Commissioner Scott Jackson, the bipartisan group of legislators noted that not all of the displaced workers would find employment elsewhere within the company after their four weeks of severance pay, and the asked the Labor Department to lean forward helping these workers find new jobs as soon as possible.

“This is terrible news for a lot of Stratford and Shelton residents and their families, and it is important that we make every effort to help these displaced workers with all state resources available,” said Rep. Hoydick. “We need to take action through the Rapid Response Team, but also ensure that these folks find employment in the aftermath.”

“Unfortunately stories like this are becoming more and more common,” said Rep. Perillo. “We need to make certain that we do everything on our end to help these Shelton and Stratford residents through this tough time, and make sure they land on their feet in the coming months.”

“My heart goes out to these hard-working local residents who now suddenly find themselves unemployed,” said Rep. McGorty.  “I am hopeful that we can mobilize state resources to bring relief to all of the impacted employees.”

“We need to devote all of our available resources to help those affected,” Rep. Gresko said. “Hopefully, during the next three months the Department of Labor can assist people while they’re still employed to help them find new jobs.”

“This news is devastating for our communities,” said Senator Kelly.  “We are all committed to working together to help all the employees losing their jobs access the resources they need to find work and provide for their families. Clearly, a layoff of this magnitude will impact the already challenging situations many of our families are facing. That’s why it’s so important that we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that as much help as possible can be directed to our community. My heart goes out to all the families impacted.

“It is important for the Department of Labor to step up during this unfortunate time for many families in our area,” said Senator Gomes. “Training these workers for new jobs in our economy must be a priority.”