Shelton business highlight tour continues

Kelly, McGorty, and Perillo watch as Lupien demonstrated how Five Star’s products handle large amounts of compression. - Aaron Berkowitz photo
Kelly, McGorty, and Perillo watch as Lupien demonstrated how Five Star’s products handle large amounts of compression. - Aaron Berkowitz photo

Five Star Products specializes in construction chemicals

State Reps. Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty were accompanied by Sen. Kevin Kelly on their most recent stop on the Shelton business highlight tour.

The trio paid a visit to Five Star Products, located on Parrott Drive, to get a tour of the building, welcome the company to the community, and give the public a better understanding of the work it specializes in.

The company has been in the construction chemical business since 1955 and relocated its world headquarters from Fairfield to Shelton on July 1. Five Star Products took over the building that was previously used as UI’s data center.

According to Steve Lupien, vice president of global marketing, the company’s move is a result of several factors. The first reason was that they outgrew the old facility, but the main reason was the company’s need to expand its research development facility, said Lupien.

In order to avoid confusion, Lupien clarified that the company doesn’t manufacture any of the company’s products in Shelton. The headquarters is strictly used for its office space and its expanded research development center where chemists test new products/formulas.

Lupien said the company is in the process of patenting an epoxy used for repairing potholes to replace polyurethane, a chemical “you do not want to mess with.” Five Star products specializes in producing products used for industrial construction solutions.

The company has worked on such projects as repairing LaGuardia airport’s runways and parts of FDR Drive in Manhattan. Lupien said its clients are primarily in the industrial business, more specifically power plants, but the company is constantly looking for new partners and ways to further expand.

Five Star Products is in the process of building four new nuclear power plants across the country.

The headquarters currently employs 35 to 40 people and the business also employs 70 to 75 people across the globe. The international manager in South Africa handles all of its international licenses.

Kelly said he enjoys seeing big businesses make their way into Shelton because it shows the city’s plan for development is moving forward.

Across the United States, the company manufactures machinery grout which is used to mount heavy-duty equipment such as generators at power plants and other “highly mission-critical type of equipment.”

It also specializes in high-performance concrete repair products for fixing foundations of equipment. Lupien said its products are different from “normal concrete.”

“Normal concrete has strength between 3 to 5,000 psi range while our products have a 10-15,000 psi range. We also manufacture more infrastructure repair products,” said Lupien.

In the research development center, the company conducts tests to see their products compression limits.

“We make 2 by 2 blocks and place them in a machine to test the amount of compression they can take,” said Lupien. “The machine it’s placed in increases the amount of pressure it is putting on the block until it breaks. The data is then collected and the process is repeated on other products we make.”

He added that the company owes their smooth transition into the community to Bob Scinto for getting them moved in so promptly.

“This is our home now,” said Lupien. “We didn’t lose a single person in our move to Shelton and we are beyond proud of that. We have to thank Bob Scinto for helping to make this move happen, especially at the rate it did. We’re grateful.”