Shelton candy store marks two years of sweetness

A candy store in downtown Shelton celebrated its anniversary in June.

For two years, Nikki’s Candy Boutique at 93 Center St. has been serving up everything from gummies to chocolate drizzle popcorn, and sour candy to unique brand items such as Harry Potter Birtie Bott’s (jelly) beans.

“I’ve always been a candy person,” said store owner Necole “Nikki” Gutierrez.

Recently, the store began selling Addeo’s Italian ice, which previously had been available at a nearby shop run by John Addeo of Shelton.

Gutierrez has added lawn furniture in an outside area for Italian ice customers during the summer.

She opened the store and party venue in 2012 “to add something fun for the community that didn’t exist already,” Gutierrez said.

Nikki’s Candy Boutique has two floors and 1,200 square feet of sweet stuff inside a brightly colored Victorian. The first floor includes the Chocolate Room and other rooms filled with candy, while upstairs has the Princess Room for girl parties and the Laboratory for candy-related science fun.

Gutierrez said while she “follows the trends” by going to candy trade shows to learn about the newest craze, the store also “sells old-fashioned things that parents and grandparents reminisce about.”

Looking around, people will find all kinds of candy in many different forms — from inside bins to individual packages. There are Chuckles, Red Hots, wax lips, Sky Bars, Necco wafers, Mallo Cups and Dr. Pepper gum, to name but a few.

The biggest selling items are chocolate drizzle popcorn, sea salt caramel, candy blox (building blocks in candy form) and Swedish fish. The busiest holiday is Easter.

Young and old like the place, Gutierrez said. “Children love it all, of course, while for adults it’s like actually being a kid in a candy store, sparking so many good memories,” she said.

Can make gift bags and gift baskets

The store can put together decorated gift bags or baskets for events, such as graduations, birthday parties, weddings and showers.

Or children — and adults — may put together their own candy bags during parties held at the business. Parties usually last 90 minutes and most take place on weekends, due to people’s schedules.

For her part, Gutierrez said she likes all kinds of candy. “I eat everything, but you do get tired of things,” she said. “The key for me is to make sure I bring a lunch.”

Gutierrez has lived in Shelton for nine years. She and her husband, who works in information technology, have two children.

Nikki’s Candy Boutique is open Tuesday through Sunday.