Shelton grad's business brings a haircut to your home

A haircut service so dedicated to maximizing  comfortability that it will come all the way to the front door — that’s the type of personal touch customers can expect when they call Doorbell Barbers.

The in-home haircare business is the brainchild of Shelton native Christian Iannucci, who launched the service throughout Fairfield County on July 8.

“It’s like Uber for haircuts,” Iannucci explained. “It’s very personalized, very customer oriented...

“We want it to be an experience, not just a haircut.”

The traveling barbershop offers a wide variety of services, ranging from the standard male haircut and straight razor shaves to the unusual, like men’s hair removal, to the sophisticated trimming of groomsmen right before a wedding.

“That’s been a big hit,” said Iannucci, who graduated from Shelton High School in 2004.

“We’ve done bachelor parties the day before a wedding, too,” he said. “We bring cigars and bourbon, and all the guys really seem to like it.”

The range of services are combined with features like personalized music selection and a personalized beverage selection served during the haircut that further the experience.

“When you book online, we get to know you pretty well,” Iannucci said. “There’s a lot of options to choose from whether it’s what you want to listen to or what products you want us to use in your hair.

“We get a full profile of the customer before we even get there.”
So far, so good
Iannucci, who is licensed cosmetologist, said the business has done about 25 to 30 haircuts a week since launching earlier in this month.

Clients include kids, businessmen, and older men living in assisted living facilities.

“It’s been going really well seeing we just launched,” he said. “We’ve had pretty consistent clientele.”

He said Doorbell Barbers has an advantage over the competition because its the only haircut service that travels to a customer’s home or business.

“We’re the only traveling men’s barbershop in the state,” he said. “It’s nice when people are searching for a hairstylist in a pinch, our name comes right up.”
Further separation
If the drinks and the music weren’t enough, Iannucci believes promoting the business as a luxury experience will further separate him from other local barbershops.

“There’s a number of things we provide during the service that nobody out there can match,” he said.

“The comfortability factor is really something we believe sets us apart,” he said. “We can work in someone’s home or we can work at their place of business during the work week.”

Of course, Iannucci realizes that in-business haircare can only work at so many places.

“It has to be the right corporate fit — a business that has a culture that’s pretty laid back,” he said. “It’s the type of place that would bring in a yoga teacher for a hour to teach employees how to relax — it’s that same culture that would allow a haircut service to come into the office.”
Don’t forget the kids
Perhaps the largest demographic Doorbell Barbers serves is small children, who Iannucci says can be intimidated by the typical barbershop experience.

“Moms with small kids have been one of our biggest clients so far,” he said.

“Moms can call us and we’ll come and they can work on dinner while we give their sons a haircut,” he said. “It’s a shorter service in a much more comfortable environment for them and, most importantly, there’s no wait.”

He added that the business offers its services to boys ranging from two-and-half to 13 years old. The cost for a boy’s haircut is $25.
Price and promotion
A basic in-house cut is $40 and a haircut and a straight shave is $60.

Additonal services include a 60-minute full back wax for $80 and a neck wax for $20.

Iannucci said there’s a 25% promotion for first time users when they use checkout on the website.

“Type in 20Doorbell15 before you purchase any service,” he explained.

Iannucci added that the mobile business has provided its service to customers in Shelton, Trumbull and Fairfield.

“We can go anywhere from Greenwich to New Haven,” he said.

To find out more information or book an appointment, go to the company website or call 203-521-8450.