Shelton is now the home of a Magic Cafe

Shelton native and local Magician, Bryan Lizotte, and his wife Michele, opened up a cafe that’s not quite like ones you’ve visited in the past.

Bryan said he decided years ago that he wanted to find a way to combine his love for food and passion for magic into one idea.

“I’ve been doing magic for 26 years and love what I do. I’ve always appreciate great food as well and thought about ways that I could incorporate one passion with the other. That’s when we decided that a restaurant that not only hosted magic shows, but also serves fresh food would be the perfect way to do just that,” said Bryan.

“We wanted to give Shelton something different and now we’re here,” said Michele who has helped Bryan manage and run the cafe since it opened on Oct. 24.

The couple held a grand opening for the new restaurant called the Magic Cafe located at 99 Bridgeport Ave. on Nov. 8. The event featured face painting for kids, a magic show, as well as a guest appearance by Mayor Mark Lauretti for the ribbon cutting.

Opening at 5:30 a.m. weekdays the restaurant serves a full breakfast and lunch, before they close at 4 p.m. On the weekends they’re open from 7a.m. to 1 p.m.

Reproductions of vintage magic posters cover the walls along with posters of current magical entertainers.

Bryan prides himself on the restaurant’s “Houdini burger,” which was named after the late famous magician Harry Houdini and their homemade french fries. Their lunch menu also includes hot dogs, porketta, steak and cheese, roast beef and herb roasted chicken sandwiches.

“It’s been an incredible ride. We opened within three weeks of signing the lease,” said Bryan. “Mainly because Michelle and I organized everything ahead of time. We applied for our LLC, we set up our distributors, we set up our website, we did everything in advance so once we signed the lease we were ready to go.”

Aside from performing magic shows at his restaurant,  Bryan also performs on Fridays at the melting pot in Darien, a lot of the Sound Tiger games in Bridgeport, as well as private shows. He said he is constantly working on new material, but his card tricks are a crowd favorite.

“I find everyone that everyone: kids,adults, and seniors love magic,” said Bryan. “I wanted to make a fun place where people could gather and have a good time while enjoying good food and a bit of magic and now Shelton has that type of place here at the Magic Cafe.”

Bryan said he loves the local community and its track record of accepting new businesses. He added that he high hopes of expanding and eventually opening up a larger venue.