Shelton quiche-maker and author: 'I like the old-world ways' of cooking

Dana Joy didn’t set out to make a cookbook celebrating quiche, it was just something that started out as a task to improve on a recipe.

“About five years ago, I came across a great recipe … and said, ‘You know what? I could make this better,’” said the Shelton resident about the quiche recipe.

“I love to cook. I love to make people happy," she said.

Many agreed, and Joy took her love of cooking even further: She’s creating quiche that brings home-cooked taste and flavor without the mess.

Quiche is an open-faced pastry crust with a custard that includes cheese, meat, seafood, or vegetables. Whatever is inside, Joy said, she makes sure the quiche is as full as possible.

Traditional way of cooking

Her philosophy is the traditional way of cooking. She said that there is too much reliance on microwave meals.

“I love the old-world ways,” Joy said. “I love it when I have the time to cook from scratch.”

When she started her quiche-making venture, she took a course to get her baker’s license. From there, she made quiches for sale in area diners and wherever she could sell them. She also learned about cake decorating.

Her cookbook, which is dedicated to her parents, was published in June and may be purchased from her website,, or by calling 855-7-QUICHE.

Many recipes in the book

In "Dana’s Famous Quiche Recipes … & More!," there are 90 recipes from Joy’s creations, and four or five are from her mother. There are recipes for strattas, frittatas and dinner pies, as well as salads and desserts.

“There are just so many things you can do” when baking, particularly when making crusts.

When it comes to crusts, Joy said she would rather have a fresh one, making her own dough from scratch.

“They heat up very well, you can freeze them and let them thaw overnight,” she said. “A lot of times, when I have the time, I roll it out.”

If there is not time, she said, frozen and pre-made crusts are a good alternative.

Possible holiday gift

The book comes with an easel on which to perch the book, and for those who would rather have digital copies, a CD is available for purchase.

Joy said the cookbook, or a ready-made quiche, will be an ideal gift for the upcoming holidays.

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