State Reps come together to oppose Malloy’s budget cuts

State Representatives Jason Perillo (R-113) and Ben McGorty (R-122) are joining their Republican colleagues in the House and Senate standing in support of Connecticut hospitals as they oppose Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s $103 million in new budget cuts, including $63.4 million in reduced Medicaid payments to hospitals. The result of these cuts would increase hospitals’ tax liability to the state by over $267 million between fiscal year 2015 and fiscal year 2016, raising their state tax burden to almost $500 million annually.

They are calling for a special session to reject the governor’s proposed cuts and make broad changes to the state budget.

“Make no mistake – these cuts to state hospitals advanced by the governor directly threaten the ability of the institutions to provide needed health care access and quality,” said Rep. Perillo.  “The people who will pay the price for the governor’s actions will be our state’s most vulnerable citizens.  Seniors, children, individuals with chronic conditions or mental health needs, and those in lower-income brackets have the most to lose, and these cuts must be reversed.”

“The need for the governor to make sweeping cuts a mere three months after his budget was enacted demonstrates what a flawed foundation it was built on,” said Rep. McGorty.“The fact that he has chosen to once again go the state’s hospitals to find the money to support state overspending demonstrates poor leadership and a failure to maintain policy priorities.  Our hospitals have been unduly punished by the governor over his past two regular budgets, and this continued abuse needs to be reversed for the good of those who need quality health care in our state.”

Perillo and McGorty noted the disproportionate negative impact hospitals have seen as a result of the original budget passed this year, which has compounded as a result of additional cuts. The Republican “Blueprint for Prosperity” would have significantly reduced the burdens imposed by the Democrat budget and the governor’s new cuts.  They added that the impact of these budget cuts on Connecticut hospitals is greater than the original draconian cuts proposed by the governor in February.