Tower beams being erected on UI substation site in Shelton

Work continues on the United Illuminating Co.’s (UI) new $38 million substation on Old Stratford Road in Shelton, off Route 8’s Exit 12. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Construction crews have been busy at the six-acre property since early summer, and now are erecting large poles and other equipment. The Pootatuck Substation will cover about two acres on the land.

The project could take a year or more to complete.

The UI project is intended to provide electricity for a growing demand in the area, and to increase power reliability. It will consist of some towers, transformers and other equipment.

Once completed the substation will be surrounded by a nine-foot-high fence, for reasons of public safety, security and aesthetics.

A major overhead transmission line now runs through the property, which has a legal address of 14 Old Stratford Road.

Vehicular access will be from an existing driveway entrance that connects to Pootatuck Place, a short road that branches off Old Stratford Road near the BP gas station and Hilton Garden Inn.

Four other substations

The surrounding area now is served by four UI substations, including the nearby Trap Falls Substation on Armstrong Road in Shelton. All will remain in operation.

These substations serve what UI classifies as “the greater Shelton area,” which in addition to Shelton includes Ansonia, Derby, Trumbull and parts of Orange and Stratford. The Stratford border is not too far from the Pootatuck Substation being built.

Substations and other utility-owned electrical equipment are taxable entities, and UI now is Shelton’s third largest taxpayer.