(Update) Big Y withdraws proposal for 'convenience store' in gas station

(UPDATE March 8) Crabtree property’s attorney Stephen Bellis approached the Planning and Zoning Board during their March 8 meeting and announced that Big Y decided to withdraw their proposal for an 800 square foot attendant building to be located at the gas station on the property.

Shelton P&Z Commission Chairman Ruth Parkins explained that Big Y will instead stick to their original proposal.

"Their original plan included the 150 square foot kiosk," said Parkins. "They won't be selling anything,  but it will be operated by an attendant."

Construction on the project continues to move forward and it is still on pace to open  in October of this year, according to Bellis. 


Following the latest Planning and Zoning board meeting, commissioners stuck to their guns with a consensus to write an “unfavorable action” in regards to Big Y’s proposal for an 800 square foot attendant building to be located on the 405 Bridgeport Ave. property.

Two members would have approved the building with a reduction in size, but four members denied the building all together, according to Planning and Zoning Administrator Rick Schultz.

Commissioner Jimmy Tickey said one of his main concerns with the building is that it was actually more of a “walk-in store” and could potentially increase the amount of noise generated on the property, which neighbors initially complained about when the idea of a gas station was first presented.

“We approved the gas station but with a lot of limitations,” said Tickey.

The gas station must follow the same hours of operation as Big Y as well mirror the model of having a lone kiosk to assist customers with their purchases.

Big Y’s proposal, which was denied by the board, for the walk-in store included the sale of cigarettes, energy drinks, water and car utilities.

“The consensus was the building was too large and it started to become too much like a convenience store,” said the property’s attorney Stephen Bellis. “I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker, but it is forcing us to do some more negotiating.”

Bellis added that he is currently redrafting Big Y’s plans, but the goal is still to have the building completed by Oct. 1 of this year.

“If we miss that date, because this is happening kind of fast being that it’s already March, they have given us more time,” said Bellis.

The Board’s official decision on the project will take place at the March 8 meeting.