Wesley Village holds a blessing

The Blessing of the Hands at Wesley Village is a tradition that began 11 years ago continues to this day. On Jan. 28, staff gathered together to celebrate each other’s work and dedication with a Blessing of the Hands.

The blessing is part of an ongoing effort to address the spiritual needs of the staff, all of whom are engaged in caring for people advancing in age, many of whom have a variety of physical and emotional needs. The Blessing of the Hands is a series of events, to accommodate everyone on staff.

In all of the events, the leader shares reflections that show no one person or department is more or less needed.

At the end of the reflections, the leader puts oil on the hands of the person next to her/him, sharing words of appreciation for the work that person performs.

That person repeats the process with the next person, who continues to pass the blessing until all have shared in the act of acknowledging another person’s work.

Wesley Village, located at 580 Long Hill Avenue is a campus for living comprised of Bishop Wicke Health Center, Crosby Commons and Wesley Heights assisted and independent living communities.

Visit wesleyvillage-ct.org for more information.