10th annual ‘Precious Prom’ was a success

Although the school year is over for most students, that didn’t stop a group of young Shelton residents from dressing up as royalty and celebrating with a “Precious Prom” of their own.

On Tuesday, July 18  kids ranging from a few months old up to four-years-old dressed up in their fanciest regalia for the Precious Prom held at the Huntington Branch Library.

Upon arriving, kids were greeted with paper-mâché flowers affixed to pipe cleaners to tie around their wrists and a room filled with multicolored balloons.

Some of the children participating came to the prom prepared with boutonnieres and corsages attached to clothespins instead of a pin that could be dangerous to little hands.

Some of the girls used the prom as an opportunity to dress up in their favorite princess costumes. Jaycee Santo, 2, of Shelton came dressed as the Disney Princess, Belle, and held a rose mirroring the flower in the movie.

The annual Precious Prom was led by the DJ called Mr. Jim, a gym teacher turned performer. He spent the half-hour event playing on his guitar, reading a book, throwing scarfs, and encouraging all the kids to dance. The songs he played were classic children songs, such as “Monkeys jumping on the bed”, “We are family”, and “Old MacDonald”.

Mr. Jim created the annual children’s prom with head of the Children’s section at the Huntington Library Mrs. Marissa, 10 years ago. Mr. Jim commented

“The Prom comes from activities I would do in my gym classes. It’s the perfect way to get kids moving in a fun way,” said Jim.

To learn more about events at either the Huntington Library or the Plumb Library, visit http://sheltonlibrarysystem.org/events/