2016 Shelton Trails Marathon begins next month

The Shelton Trails Committee announces the 2016 Shelton Trails Marathon. Because this is a summer Olympic year, the Committee has selected a series of 13 trails that add up to the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. This is not a race, but a challenge to complete the 13 hikes within a five and a half month period. Our goal is to introduce Shelton residents to the numerous hiking opportunities in town. Participants will use our form to log each completed trail by listing the date each trail is hiked. The form can be used for up to four hikers. All hikers are on the honor system to fill in their form.

The official kickoff date is June 4, when we will host a guided hike along the Paugussett Trail from Birchbank Mountain to Indian Well, and the end date is November 27.

This event is open to residents and non-residents of Shelton. No signup is required; just download and print the form and view/print the 13 official maps from http://sheltontrailscom.blogspot.com or obtain copies at the Shelton Community Center. While most trails are loops, the Paugussett Trail and Recreation Path are relatively long and have two trailheads, which may require two or more days to complete. The thirteen listed trails may be hiked in any order. Once hikers complete the 13 trails, they can mail the form to the address listed on the form, or it can be scanned/photographed and emailed as provided on the form. All hikers completing the challenge will be awarded a commemorative path tag, either in person at the Turkey Trot Trail Hike on Sunday, November 27, or via the mail. Hikers participating in our National Trails Day Hike on June 4 will receive credit for 1 of the 13 trails.

Participants are strongly encouraged to take photographs while hiking and email them to the address on the form for inclusion in the Shelton Trails Blog, on Facebook, and to support the ongoing publicity for this event.