2017 SIS 8th grade awards

The Shelton Intermediate School held its Eighth Grade Awards Assembly on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The assembly was held to recognize outstanding achievement throughout the school year. Headmaster Kenneth Saranich applauded the eighth graders for their outstanding

Accomplishments. Awards were presented to the following students:

The William Andy Brennan Award – Excellence in Spanish

Melaina Roberto, Majd Saymeh

The Robert & Lillian Butler Award – Excellence and Enthusiasm in Spanish

Michael Kiwak, Max McLoughlin

The Kathryn Provasoli Award – Achievement, Interest and Enthusiasm in Spanish

Alexander Ozonoff

The Kathryn Provasoli Award – Achievement, Interest and Enthusiasm in French

Julia Zapadka

The Sumner Stowe Award – Effort & Enthusiasm in French

Sarah Hurlbert, Jillian LaPrise, Jocelin Miranda

The George Ann Mestuzzi Memorial Award – Excellence & Outstanding Effort in Mathematics

Majd Saymeh, Kassidy Wojtowicz, Nico Marini, Zoe Yoon, Samantha Randall

(7th grade ceremony), Andrew Zhang, Kaylee Gura, Diya Patel (7th grade ceremony), Grace McPadden (7th grade ceremony)

Lucy M. Beard Memorial Award – Excellence in History

Elizabeth Porto

The Paul Gerst Memorial Award – Excellence in science

Jules Cayer

The Carolyn Petz Award – To a Student Who Is Helpful and Respectful to Others

Mya Merenda

The Mary Lou Cook Award – To a Student Who Exhibits Leadership, Wisdom and Compassion

Kaylee Gura

The Russell & Nolda McKinnon Award – To a Student Who Has Shown Courage and Determination

Angel Arroyo, Jake Sciongay

The Jason Gigliotti Resilience Award – To a Student Who Displays Resilience Through Strength and Perseverance Even Through Times of Adversity

Christian Ripke

The Joseph Cajigas Memorial Award – To an 8th Grade Student Who Exemplifies the Traits of Dedication, Leadership and Sportsmanship

Kaylee Gura

Lynn Plaskon Memorial Award – To a Student Who Has Exhibited Qualities of Kindness, Determination and Perseverance

Ericka Neves

The Anthony C. Ballaro, Jr., Memorial Award – To a Student Whose Friendly Spirit, Kindness and Determination Inspire the Students and Staff of Shelton Intermediate School.

Josiah Kellogg

The Robert A. Stellavato Scholar Athlete Award – To Two Eighth Grade Students (One Male, One Female) For Outstanding Academic Achievement and Who Have Demonstrated Leadership and Sportsmanship in an Interscholastic Sport

Jessica Jayakar, Anthony Steele

Timothy J. Walsh III Award – To an 8th Grade Student Who Has Exhibited Qualities of Good Citizenship, School Spirit and Integrity

Liam Saranich

The William A. Banfe Award – To an 8th Grade Student Who Has Exhibited Outstanding Effort and Achievement

Jules Cayer

The William A. Banfe Award – To an 8th Grade Student for Dedicated School Service

Lia Fadiman

SIS School Service Award – To an Active Boy and Girl Showing Leadership, Respect for Self and Others and Who Will be Attending Shelton High School

Seyanah Quiles-Sisk, Ethan Stutheit

SIS Special Recognition Award – For Outstanding Effort Throughout the Year

Juan Miguel Barranco, Emma Buglione

The Kathleen C. B. Samela Award – To a Student Who Shows Interest in the History of Shelton

Caroline McCormick

American Legion Oratory Contest Winners

1st Place– Emily Sandin,

2nd Place– Amber Moen,

3rd Place– James Daly

4th Place– Francis Jones

Shelton Intermediate School Awards Were Given to Students Who Showed Excellence in:

2D Art Illustration- Katelyn MacFadyen, Pranav Nair

3D Art Design- Leah Verrilli, Anthony Gabino

Business Technology- Neha Jayanna, Connor Jensen

Communications Technology- Brooke Doolan, William Gualtiere

Exploring World Cultures- Cathleen Higgins, Troy Conger-Bailey

French I- Sydney Leifer, Robert Quevedo

Spanish I- Akshitha Thippa, Walker Toth

Band- Shannon Brooks, Nico Marini

Jazz Choir- Megan McCarthy, Shane Savoie

Music Production- Megan McCarthy, Braedon Hurd

Excellence in Music- Julia Zapadka, Brandon Acervida

The Inventor’s Lab- Paula Ribeiro, Michael Mourtadh

The Life Lab- Kaylee Gura, Nikolas Charney

Physical Education- Trista Oddo, Tanner Chernowsky

Real Life Applications- Jacob Clarke, Paul Winter

Students Who Have Shown Excellence in Academic Areas:

Language Arts- Emma Buglione, Yana Baltsevych, Melaina Roberto, Akshitha Thippa, Sydney Leifer

Science- Carolyn Maher, Emily Sandin, Jessica Jayakar, Robert Quevedo, William Zaccagnini

Social Studies- Alexander Ozonoff, Michael Mourtadh, Kelsey Beas, Elizabeth Porto, Alexander Dobrzycki

Algebra- Majd Saymeh, Zoe Yoon, Andrew Zhang, Suhaas Nadella

Math- Kassidy Wojtowicz, Nico Marini, Erika Olson, Kaylee Gura, Maliya Reid

Most Improved in:

Language Arts- Justin Ayora, Angel Arroyo, Andalysha Herbert, Tyler Montanaro, Noah Hardy

Science- Patrick Burden, Malachi Morales, Owen daSilva, Joseph Viglione, Victoria Merced

Social Studies- Ricky McFarren, Angel Arroyo, Sam West, Lawrence Pirone, Amanda Lesmes

Algebra- Clarissa Pierre, Gabriela Russo, Gavin Powe, Morgan Jose Math Michelle Cuellar, Angel Arroyo, Matthew Horvath, Kayla Young, Pedro Jesus

Citizenship Awards: Caitlin McNeil, Cathleen Higgins, Lia Fadiman, Liam Saranich, Carla Leonzi

Consistent Effort: Narmer Bazile, Seyanah Quiles-Sisk, Lauren Keklik, Emily Bouvier, Pavel Khorkin