6th annual Sunset Run for the Warriors

Hundreds of participants, supporters, and volunteers came out to show support on Aug. 23 for the 6th annual Sunset Run for the Warriors.

According to Hope for the Warriors’ website, this race is dedicated to the men and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, their families, and families of those killed serving our country. It is a celebration of their strength, a promise to continue restoring self, family, and hope.

Runners had the option of registering for either a one mile walk, 5K race, or 10K race.

Scott Toth participated in this year’s 5K run with his brother David and said it was tough, but crossing the finish line together is an experience that he will never forget.

“It was a lot of fun. A little competitive, but fun,” said Toth. “I pulled ahead of him towards the beginning of the race, but he caught up to me in the last mile so we decided to finish together. It felt really good to cross the finish line with my brother especially after he had already spent four years in the Marines.”

Lt. Kevin McCue of the Shelton Fire Department participated in the 10K run and said he had to make some adjustments while preparing, but was excited to participate in an event that joined the community together while celebrating those who serve our country.

“In the past I’ve run marathons in the morning, so how you felt during the race really depended on how well you hydrated before running,” said McCue. “When I finished I felt like I could relax. It meant a lot to see everyone congratulate each other as they crossed the finish line.”
McCue said the camaraderie built among all of the runners, families who came out to support, and the staff that worked the event is also part of what made participating in the race that much more satisfying.

All proceeds from the race will benefit wounded warriors and their families through the many Hope for the Warriors programs.