A 20-home development proposed in Huntington Center

A 20-home development is being proposed on land owned by Huntington Congregational Church off Ripton Road, near Church Street.

Huntington Village would be built on 6.1 acres, with the entrance being a private road between Centerview Drive and the rear parking lot entrance to the church. The single-family homes would be part of a condominium association and the condo owners would not own individual lots.

The developer is Primrose Development LCC, an entity affiliated with John Guedes, who is best known for pursuing residential projects on Canal Street downtown. Guedes is an architect and builder.

The applicant is seeking to create a Planned Development District (PDD) on property now zoned for one-acre and half-acre lots.

Due to a conflict with the Board of Aldermen special meeting of June 27,  the public hearing scheduled by the Planning and Zoning Commission also on June 27 has been moved to the Shelton Intermediate School Auditorium beginning at 7 p.m. according to P&Z Administrator Rick Schultz.

The applicant will make a presentation on the project and public comments should be allowed on the same evening.

The application was formally accepted during the June 12 P&Z meeting. The commission asked staff to request a letter from the city's sewer administrator stating the Water Pollution Control Authority system has the capacity to handle a 20-home development as well as the required easement to reach the site.

The detached houses would be built on two cul-de-sacs, with 1.4 acres in the southwest corner set aside as open space. The overall impervious coverage -- or amount of land covered by roads, driveways and buildings -- would be 30%, which is less than the maximum allowed 40% in a PDD.

In addition to interior garages and driveways long enough to fit parked vehicles, eight off-street parking spaces would be provided within the development.

The application for Huntington Village, known as a cluster residential development, calls the proposal "compatible" with "the existing residential uses in the immediate vicinity." It describes the site as being "in a transitional area" near single-family homes, two churches and the Huntington Center commercial hub.

The development would not impact the existing Huntington Congregational Church, which is on an adjacent parcel and closer to Church Street.

The parcel's legal address is 16 Ripton Road. The applicant is being represented by attorney Dominick Thomas.