A Veterans Day 'thank you' Tuesday in Shelton

“Thank you for your service,” an unknown passerby said to a veteran Tuesday morning as she made her way to the Shelton Riverwalk.

Those simple words were brought to a Veterans Day service.

“To all veterans: Today is your day,” said Al Sabetta, a veteran who was the main speaker. The sacrifice service people have made wasn’t just theirs, Sabetta said, but their family’s as well.

“Today we honor all veterans across the country,” said John Anglace, a veteran and the president of the Shelton Board of Aldermen.

The service took place in front of the war memorial by the river.

“We are here so all citizens … [remember] those whose names appear on this monument were ordinary men,” Anglace said. “May God bless you and God bless America.”

Anglace and Sabetta spoke about how veterans and those who serve in the military fight for freedom, and are brave and disciplined.

Perhaps the most silent and fitting tribute to those who fight for freedom were the 80-plus students who gathered to pay respects during the service.

The teachers of the Valley Regional Education’s English as a Second Language classes brought their students to the event. The teachers included Barbara DiCenso, Kathy Harris, Sandy Koenig, Harriet Nelson, and Dilma Martins.

“There’s a little excitement, a little intrigue,” said Ellen Amodeo, a substitute teacher of the class who was talking about the students.

“It’s all part of learning our culture,” Koenig said. “It’s important to learn about our veterans and what they mean to our county.”