'A View from the Valley' starts new season on local access television

The local access television show, “Looking Up: A View from the Valley” celebrates its one year anniversary this month.

The regionally-based, weekly series — shown Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. on Comcast Channel 10 and can be viewed online at www.lookingupvalley.com — takes a positive, apolitical and unique look at the Lower Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut, according to show producer and Shelton resident, Marc Weissman.

The show’s inaugural 2012 season explored a myriad of topics that provided valuable insight. Wellness segments featured gastroenterologist Dr. Harold Schwartz of Griffin Hospital’s Health Initiative for Men and panelists from Seymour Pink’s Breast Cancer Awareness group. Other episodes spotlighted the Valley United Way and Community Foundation; Derby Public Schools, Public Library and Historical Society; Shelton Plumb and Huntington Branch Libraries; as well as the Naugatuck Economic Development Commission. The Ansonia/Derby/Shelton Memorial Day Service was also touchingly presented this past year.

“I am extremely grateful and thrilled with the caliber of guests we’ve had on the show so far,” Weissman said.

Outside of the Valley, the program has already been seen across the U.S., in Canada and even abroad in countries such as Poland, Italy, Portugal and the UK, Weissman said.

“WhiIe I was confident there was a niche for this type of show, the fact that we’ve connected with the community-at-large and spanned the globe has far exceeded expectations for sure,” he said. “My hunch is that transplanted Valleyites have a strong desire to stay connected with this area, and that says a lot about the Valley’s impact on them.”

The show also features brief public service announcements, in an effort to help organizations promote activities.

What does the future hold for “Looking Up: A View from the Valley?” Weissman said the region’s youth will be more frequently showcased. This will be done via features on the VITAHLS (The Valley Initiative to Advance Health and Learning in Schools), TEAM’s Early Education programs, Center Stage Theatre, Nine Mile Players theater group, the Valley YMCA as well as Shelton’s nationally-recognized robotics club, among other kid-friendly topics.

“As we all know, children embody both the present and future of our society, so what better way to promote their achievements than through a highly-visible medium, “ Weissman said.

A greater focus on Valley residents’ personal experiences will also be prioritized.

“I think we’ve done a very good job informing the public about ongoing philanthropy here,” he said. “In the coming year, we will include Valley-ites who’ve affected the community on a more personal and emotional level. Why? Because that’s what makes this part of Connecticut so special: The people.”

With ideas or questions about the show, contact Marc Weissman at (203) 231-7852 or lookingupvalley@gmail.com.