A round house is being built in Shelton

It’s not every day that you see a round house, but one is now being built on Nells Rock Road in Shelton. The contractor, Yvon Rodrigue, said the almost 2,000-square-foot home is being custom-built for a client.

It’s the first circular house he’s ever constructed. “It will be very unique around here,” said Rodrigue, adding that round houses can be found more often in some other parts of the country, especially in the West.

Many drivers passing by the construction site seem to be intrigued with the structure because of its unique shape.

The frame and outer walls have been completed, and the windows could be installed soon. The new homeowners are expected to move in sometime in December.

Rodrigue is owner of Yvon Rodrigue Custom Homes and Remodeling of Shelton, where he also lives.

Many interior design options

Rodrigue said the inside of a round house offers many design options. This home will have two bedrooms and three bathrooms, with the kitchen in the center. There will be a two-door attached garage.

He said the one-acre property presented many challenges because of all the ledge. “The lot was very tough,” he said.

A small house that once stood on the property, closer to the road, has been demolished.

Rodrigue said round houses are “very strong” buildings because they have no structural weak spots. “It’s also very good when it comes to the wind,” he said.