Three handmade birdhouses were donated to Bishop Wicke Health and Rehabilitation Center in Shelton. The birdhouses were built and donated by Zachary Sosnovich, a senior at Woodland Regional High School in Beacon Falls, as part of a student project.

The idea for the project was inspired by his great-grandmother, Stacia Sosnovich, a resident of Bishop Wicke who loved watching the birds around the community. Enlisting the help of his grandfather, he got to work.

The houses were painted with stars in a red, white and blue theme, with a chain for hanging and a hinged back door that allowed the houses to be cleaned and emptied each season.

The finishing touch was a small brass plaque that honored the memory of his great-grandmother, who passed away in December before getting a chance to see the completed project.

Zachary presented the birdhouses on May 12, as a gift during National Nursing Home Week.