Abandoned dog needs to find a home, or will be put down

Ruby, a dog that was abandoned and left to starve with her eight puppies, is not handling kennel life well at the Trumbull Animal Shelter, according to Trumbull Animal Group President Gail Marshall.

TAG is hoping to find Ruby a good home soon, as she is suffering in the kennel and will have to be euthanized if a new home can’t be found. Ruby is described as a a sweet pit/mix about 4 years of age. She and the puppies were abandoned in a home without food or water for three weeks before being rescued.

'Clearly suffering there'

“She is fine with people and most of the day lies quietly on her bed or is happy outside,” Marshall wrote to TAG supporters. “However, if there is any activity in the kennel and other dogs bark, she bites at the cage until her mouth bleeds so badly that the blood drips down her chest. She also tore out a claw trying to scratch at the cage.”

A veterinarian has put Ruby on sedatives to curb this self-injuring behavior, but even that isn’t working, Marshall said.

“She is clearly suffering there,” Marshall said. “If you know of anyone who might want Ruby you must spread the word quickly. She will have to be euthanized.”

Ruby does not do well with cats, but other dogs could be evaluated on a case by case basis since she has lived with other dogs in the past. Ruby really needs a home with an owner who could exercise her, give her training, and TLC because of all she has been through. She would do best with an adopter familiar with the “bully breeds.”

If interested in meeting Ruby, contact the shelter at 203-452-5088.