Adams in Derby gives money to Parent Child Resource Center

Adams Hometown Market has provided $1,000 in gift cards to the Lower Naugatuck Valley Parent Child Resource Center (PCRC), which serves Shelton and other Valley towns.

During the holidays, PCRC will use these funds to provide food to identified families in the community.

Adams Hometown Market is involved in the “Food for All” program in which all fund-raising efforts that exceed a certain dollar amount are re-distributed within the community.

This year, store manager John Varrone identified PCRC as one of the four community organizations to be provided with a portion of these funds.

Varrone has been heavily involved with the “Food for All” program at the Derby location for almost four years. Varrone continues to be involved with fund-raising, from hosting barbecues outside of his store, to setting up displays to attract guests for specific causes.

Community members may contribute by visiting the Adams Hometown Market location in Derby and making donations at the register. You may also visit the customer service desk to inquire about their upcoming fund-raisers.

Behavioral health services

PCRC is the leading provider of behavioral health services to children and families in the Lower Naugatuck Valley.

Programs, including the Child Guidance Clinic, Valley Kids Belong Programs, Triple P In-Home services, Child First, Early Childhood Consultation Partnership, Therapeutic Mentoring Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, and the Prevention through Early Intervention Program, help children and their families so that they may develop to their fullest potential.