Alderman John Papa announces retirement after serving Shelton for 24 years

The 60 plus people who attended the Republican nominating convention on July 27 rose to their feet to pay their respects as Jason Perillo, one of Shelton’s state representatives and the chairman of Monday’s convention, announced Alderman John Papa’s retirement.

Fourth Ward Alderman John Papa said he is stepping down after 11 terms in office to to spend more time with his eight grandchildren after the deaths of a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Papa said if he cannot donate 100 percent of his time to the job and the city then he doesn’t feel that he should.

“My family needs me more than the city does at this point,” said Papa. “I was there when Mark’s (Mayor Mark Lauretti) first term began and I have enjoyed my time leading the city under him for the past 24 years. We have come a long way and have a lot to be proud of.”

In his place, they nominated Jim Capra, a manager at the Avalon Shelton apartment complex on Canal Street and a lifelong resident of Shelton.

“I feel great about him,” said Papa. “I can see that he shares the same desire as I have to help the city and continue to make it better. He also has experience in economic development.”

Capra said he’s been involved with the Republican party for just about three years and said he is up to the challenge of filling the big shoes Papa left behind.

“I am very excited and I am going to work hard to win in the election and for the city,” said Capra.

Papa’s retirement means the Board of Aldermen will see its first change in its composition since 2009.