Alderman Simonetti’s community address

The Board of Alderman, during its March meeting, had the pleasure of having over two dozen parents in attendance petitioning the Mayor and the board to appropriate funds for the Shelton school system.  They focused on the 2017-18 budget and the need for more Chromebooks in the elementary schools.  

Mayor Lauretti was very clear that he and the board have always provided funds that directly enhance the student's learning programs and progress. He asked the parents to petition the Board of Education and the schools administrators for a request for Chromebooks.  To their credit the parents did as requested.  Less than one month later at the April 13 meeting the board approved $250,000.00 per the Mayor's promise for the Chromebooks.   

I would like to thank the the parents who came to that meeting and took the time to thank me personally and other board members along with Mayor Lauretti for the action on this matter.   It was not necessary, but very much appreciated.  Please note that over $1 Million was also appropriated that evening to replace the windows at Elizabeth Shelton School.  

The 2017-18 municipal budget process has been hamstrung by Governor Malloy.  His demand for 1/3 of the teachers pensions costs from the city is illegal and a slap in the face to the hardworking educators who pay into the pension program. The Democrats have once again decided to ignore the law and regulation with our tax dollars.  He also is taking funds from responsible and successful school programs like we have in Shelton and throwing money at failing systems. Any pension in a business or municipality, is subject to audited each year and if the funds are not sufficient to sustain the fund the fund administrators are immediately brought to task and the pension can be liquidated. Evidently this is not true with regard to the teachers pensions. The union members should be chasing down their duly elected union leaders and legislators to get this matter resolved immediately.

Trying to be everything to everyone has not worked for the Democrats in Hartford or anywhere else.  It is time to hold people accountable to care for themselves and their families and stop appropriating funds to those who abuse the system and the safety nets that are in place.

I encourage everyone to enjoy the warm weather but be extra careful driving. The good weather will mean more persons will be out walking and biking.  Please drive slowly and watch out for them.  Those who are out strolling and biking should also wear protective equipment and reflective materials especially at night. And don't forget to patronize our local vendors, restaurants and services businesses.   They are important to keeping our city strong and viable.   Remember most of the owners are Shelton citizens just like you.