Alderman encourages residents to vote

The Shelton Planning and Zoning Commissioners have vetted and scrutinized many applications for everything from private sheds, in-law additions to multi story businesses and apartment buildings. The owners and developers without question try to maximize land use to make their project more financially viable. The Shelton PZC has under the guidance of its Republican chairs been very successful in finding a balance between the landowners requests and the needs of Shelton citizens in all areas of the city. The present board, including Shelton Republican Town Committee endorsed candidates Tony Pogoda, Ruth Parkins, and Alternate Ned Miller have worked diligently to increase Shelton's tax base to the betterment of all its citizens.

The reelection of these PZC members should be a priority on Nov. 7 to preserve the continuity and success of the Shelton PZC. Changes to the PZC at this time with persons who have no experience could change the balance and productive development as we know it.  Shelton's Republican Administration including its PZC members have served the city well and have been able to mitigate what could have been the jarring effect of the state and federal economic disasters on our citizens time and time again. PZC and other land boards are the basis for our controlled growth over time in the areas of the city designated for development. We have also played an important role in the preservation of lands for recreational uses, farming and as open space that is literally not available in other communities.

Your votes for PZC members Pogoda, Parkins, and Miller on Row B on Tuesday. Nov. 7 will ensure continued success for the citizens of Shelton.  Every vote is important and every vote counts.  We look forward to seeing you at the polls next week.