American Idol winner crashes Shelton pool party (VIDEO)

American Idol winner, Nick Fradiani performed some of the songs off of his new album at a pool party in Shelton.

Michael Tartaglia never thought his family would win when he entered the Star 99.9 star pool party competition on Twitter last week. He said it all began when he heard the radio station advertising a competition looking for a family to host a pool party and the rest is history.

“I tweeted a video of our backyard and our pool, hashtagged star pool party and later on we won the contest,” said Michael. “Star 99.9 came with Nick Fradiani and they threw a big party and concert at our house.”

More than 50 people packed the Tartaglia’s backyard to hear Fradiani perform some of his new music as well as a cover of rap star Nelly’s classic hit, “Ride With Me.”

The Tartaglia family have been watching Fradiani and have been fans of his work since he won American Idol in 2015. They said they are proud to have had their “idol” perform at their home and he’s welcome back anytime for dinner.

Fradiani is from Guilford, CT and mentioned how good it was to be performing back in his home state before heading off to Nashville, TN. Before leaving, Fradiani took pictures and introduced himself to all in attendance.

Aside from having one of their favorite singers come perform for them live, the family was also celebrating Michael and Anthony’s graduation from Sacred Heart University and Robert Tartaglia’s graduation from Shelton High.

“This is not only a great end to a phenomenal school year, but the beginning of a great summer,” said Anthony Tartaglia.