Annual dog birthday celebration raises nearly $3,000 for animal shelter

Not many people can say that their birthday attracts more than  80 people bearing gifts each year. Well Kinzy Yolish isn’t just any person, as a matter of fact she’s not a person at all. She’s a dog and for the 11th year straight her mother and father Kathy and Norman Yolish held a birthday party in her honor in order to raise money for the Shelton Animal Shelter.

The family raised over $500 in food and toy donations, as well as more than $2,500 in monetary donations.
“Each year we reach a new goal usually by $200-$300 more and that's what we did this year. Another successful event for the animal shelter makes all of the Yolish family extremely proud and happy. Kinzy gave this party a 2 paws up,” said Kathy Yolish.