Artist of the Week

Rainey Martovich dove into the artworld at a young age, from sketchbooks and digital art to playing Peter Pan for Center Stage the 19-year-old has always pursued her passion.

“I was literally drawing before I was crawling and that has to do with my brother” said Martovich. “There was an artist in my house when I was born so that's really what inspired me."

She said that her brother’s work, which had a comic book essence to it, gave her an appreciation for retro styles.

Martovich identifies her style as “raw and heavy,” which she incorporates in the digital artwork created with a tablet and stylus. She uses a program on the tablet that is similar to drawing on paper, but enhances the work.

“It's definitely helped me understand anatomy more because it was just a whole entire new field of different ways of drawing that I was ending up being very successful with” Martovich said.

One of her pieces is a self portrait, the first one she did of herself, a version of her with pale, olive tinted skin. In the artwork her wispy black hair is pushed back by curved horns, the backdrop is a blast of eerie black, orange and yellow.

“It represents confidence issues and how sometimes we as people don't like to look at ourselves, so I incorporated tinted green skin and eyes all over the body, and horns to indicate evil tendencies,” Martovich said. “Looking at the altered features I included in this piece made me feel better about my appearance when I drew it.”

In the future, Martovich plans to pursue a field in education at a high school level but for now is taking time off for a tattoo apprenticeship. She graduated from Shelton High in 2015 and has enrolled in classes at Housatonic Community College.