Artist of the Week: Shawn Lasse

Shawn Lasse, a 30-year-old lifelong Shelton resident, laid out his intricate artwork across the coffee table. The drawings were made with pens and highlighters on cardstock, with a bright spectrum of greens, oranges, blues and purples that created symmetrical pictures and designs.

"It's my passion, it's what I love to do,” said Lasse. “[Like] meditation, it's kind of like my way of relaxing during the day."

Music, emotion and a love for what he does fuels Lasse to draw, paint and create jewelry. He prefers to take a calm approach to his art, carefully applying detail and color to the smooth symmetrical lining of his drawings.

Lasse uses pens and markers that appear under black lights, which he said adds another element to his work. The blacklight effects mostly pertain to his color pieces but Lasse also creates black and white work with his pen.

“I just like to create based on where my mind is at the time,” Lasse said. "I very much like to make the eye jump around,” he said.

In his lifelong pursuit of art, what matters to Lasse is his love of what he does.

“I have other interests that I love but this is my passion,” Lasse said. “This is what I love to do; it gives me peace at the end of the day."

More of Shawn Lasse’s artwork can be viewed on his Instagram page, @shawn_lasse.