August events and trips from the Shelton Senior Center

Here is the August newsletter from the Shelton Senior Center.  For a breakdown of events, click here.

AUGUST SOCIAL DANCE:   Join us for a Social get-together on Friday, August 9 at 1:00 PM. (Please note date correction.) Tickets are $4.00.  Music by Vinnie Carr.  Tickets on sale now.  Tickets will be sold up until the Wednesday at Noon before the Friday dance.


MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  There is no meeting this month.  Our next meeting will be Friday, September 13 at 10:30 AM.


CELEBRATE ME HOME ~ HONORING A LIFE'S LEGACY:  Please join us for an informational session presented by Celebrate Me Home on Thursday, August 15 at 10:30 AM.  This is a personalized concierge service that handles the many details of a funeral and collaborates with you to create a unique celebration of life.  Need not be a member to attend.


AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM:  Did you know there are two (2) Safe Driver Discounts insurance companies give drivers?  One is for not being involved in an accident; the other is for taking a Defensive Driving Course.  Check with your insurance company.  If you are 50 years or older, you can take the AARP Driver Safety Program.  We are very excited about the new one day, 4-hour course. The AARP Driver Safety Program 4-hour course offers the same valuable information as the 8-hour course utilizes the same Participant Workbook and video and provides the same insurance discount.  No written, physical or driving tests given. Upcoming classes will be held Tuesday: August 20, September 17, October 22 and November 5 from 9:15 AM to 1:15 PM.  There are no walk-ins.  Limited seating to 30. Classes fill up quickly.  Pre-registration is required at the Center.  Make checks payable to AARP for $14.00 per person or $12.00 per person if you are a current member of AARP.  You must show your current AARP membership card at registration and the day of your class or the discount does not apply.  Cash is not accepted.


SHELTON SONGSTERS: The Shelton Songsters are planning a Fall Concert on October 23.  The concert will be “Around the World in 60 Minutes.”  Our songs will take us to Mexico, Ireland, Brazil, Paris, British Aisles and many more places. Everyone is welcome to join our merry group of Songsters. If you are interested in joining, call Betty or Ron Goddard at (203) 929-4371 and we will see that you get a packet of songs before our first get-together as a group on August 21, or you can just come on that first day. You will need a black binder for your music.  Need to be a Member to participate.

AUGUST BIRTHDAY PARTY:  Our Birthday Party will be held Friday, August 23 at 1:00 PM. Cost: $4.00.  Music by Vinnie Carr. Tickets on sale at the Reception Desk Monday, August 5 from 9:30 to 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  Tickets may be purchased at any time, after the first selling day.  Tickets will be sold up until the Wednesday at Noon before the Friday Birthday Party. Tell us if it is your Birthday or Anniversary when purchasing tickets.


BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENING: The Emergency Care Institute of Bridgeport Hospital will conduct Blood Pressure Screenings at the Senior Center on Monday, August 26 from 12:00 to 2:00 PM.  Need not be a member.

ELDER LAW PROGRAM: Join us Tuesday, August 27 at 10:00 AM, for a informational session all about General Estate Planning. Attorney Drazen has earned the distinction of becoming a Certified Elder Law Attorney from the National Elder Law Foundation, as authorized by the American Bar Association. Please join us for a very informative session.  Need not be a member to attend.


HEARING MAINTENANCE: Precision Hearing Specialists provide our members with free hearing maintenance at our Center the fourth Tuesday of each month from 10:30 am to 12:00 Noon ~ August 27. Appointments are necessary.  Please call their office at (203) 381-9555 to schedule your appointment.  Need not be a member to attend.


QUILT RAFFLE WINNER: Congratulations to George Quadretti  ~ the winner of the beautiful quilt.  Thank you to all the members who supported our raffle.  And another great big Thank You to our Quilters for all their hard work!

BOOK CLUB:  Our Book Club will not meet in August. Summer read is:  The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  Need to be a member to participate. See you in September!


FREE AAA DRIVING IMPROVEMENT CLASS:  Lower your auto insurance costs and improve your driving skills! Register for AAA’s FREE Driving Improvement Program (DIP)!  Our DIP program isn’t driver education; it’s one that’s aimed at experienced drivers who simply wish to improve their driving skills and review the basics of defensive driving. The class will be instructed by Sgt. Pete Zaksewicz and Officer Mark Siglinger, both of the Shelton Police Department.  The class will be held, Tuesday, September 10 and Wednesday, September 11 from 4:00 to 8:00 PM at the Shelton Senior Center (81 Wheeler Street).  There will be an additional class Tuesday, October 8 and Wednesday, October 9 from 4:00 to 8:00 PM.  By completing this free class, drivers 60 years of age and older in Connecticut qualify for a minimum 5% discount* on their auto insurance.  In fact, some insurers provide that discount to experienced drivers as young as 55. So we encourage you to check with your insurer to see what they offer. When you complete the class, you’ll receive a certificate to present to your insurance carrier.  To register, call Jackie Pesticci at AAA at 203-937-2595, Ext 4684, or go online to


SEPTEMBER BBQ:  Our “End of Summer BBQ” will be held Friday, September 13 from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM.  Menu consists of one (1) each:  Liver, Bacon & Onion Sandwich, Hamburger or Cheese Burger, Hot Dog, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Watermelon and Coffee or Tea.  Cost: $15.00.  Music by Vinnie Carr.  Tickets on sale Friday, August 23 from 9:30 to 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  Tickets will be sold up until the Wednesday at Noon before the Friday Party.



BEGINNER’S COMPUTER CLASS: Registration for the Beginner’s Computer Class, which begins Monday, September 9, can be done now at the Reception Desk.  Stop into the Center and fill out your registration form.  Cost: $10.00.  You will learn the basics from how to use the mouse, the word processor, the scanner, e-mail, spreadsheets, the Internet and file management.  Instruction is kept light so people aren’t overwhelmed.  The eight-week course starts at 9:30 AM and runs until 2:00 PM with a lunch break at 11:45 AM.  This class is limited to eight participants.  There is a computer for each student to practice on.  Stop in the Center and fill out your registration form. Students should own or have access to a computer.  Need to be a member to register.


BASIC MICROSOFT EXCEL SPREADSHEETS: This course is an introduction to Microsoft Excel.  We will be using Microsoft Excel 2003.  It is focused on Windows-based PCs and is not compatible with Apple computers. Lessons will cover the building of a Household Budget and applying Pie Charts.  Tracking an Investment record and its graphical representation, keeping a Stock Record in table and in Pie Charts and creating and using a Database for mailing labels, etc.  Prerequisites for this course are:  Have a working capability using a PC.  This includes entering information through the keyboard and the ability to use the mouse to make selections from menus.  Each Student must bring their own 1 GB USB Flash memory Drive to save their work on exercises.  Course length is four (4) days, 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Wednesday beginning September 11.  Cost:  $5.00.  Need to be a member to register.


CAMERA AND COMPUTER IMAGING WORKSHOP:  The Senior Center will be offering a Camera and Computer Imaging Workshop beginning Thursday, September 12. Class begins at 9:30 AM and will meet on Thursdays for eight weeks. Cost:  $10.00. The course will be taught by Perry DeGeorge. Learn how to set your camera to get the best pictures and make them better by editing them in your computer.  Printing in different sizes and saving them for the future and more. Stop in the Center and fill out a registration form. Need to be a member to register.

CAREGIVER SESSIONS 2013:  There is no Caregiver session scheduled for the month of August.  The next session will be Thursday, September 19 at Griffin Hospital.  Please call the Shelton Senior Center (203) 924-9324 to register. Reservations will be taken up to the Tuesday before the event.   If you need to cancel, please call the Center.  Meals are ordered and paid for in advance of the event.

SNAP PROGRAM:  Are you 50 years or older?  Do you need help buying groceries?  If so, you may be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This program is an income and expense-based food assistance program for limited income households.  Call Jessica Mahon (860) 519-4776 for more information.  Appointments are scheduled by Jessica to meet at out Center.

RENT REFUND FORMS TAKEN AT CITY HALL: The City of Shelton is accepting applications for partial refund of rent and utility bills from elderly and totally disabled renters, whose income for 2012 did not exceed $33,500 if single, or  $40,900 if married.  The program is available to renters who were 65 years old, on or before December 31, 2012, and to renters, regardless of age, who are totally disabled.  An individual who receives permanent full disability benefits under Social Security, or under any Federal, State, or Local Government Retirement or Disability Plan, including the Railroad Retirement Act, is eligible for the program.  Applicants are to present their 2012 rent receipts, utility receipts and proof of all income, including Social Security.  The 2012 Social Security Benefit Statement (Form SSA-1099) must be submitted.  Applicants, who filed a Federal Tax Return for 2012, are requested to present a copy for verification of income. Forms can be filed preferably between 8:00 AM and Noon, Tuesday through Friday, in Room 204, City Hall, until Tuesday, October 1. If morning hours are a hardship for an applicant, the forms can be filed in the afternoon.  For more information, call the Shelton City Hall at (203) 924-1555 Ext 359 and ask to speak to the Renter's Rebate Coordinator.

CodeRED EMERGENCY ALERT PROGRAM:  Shelton has recently contracted CodeRED to provide its citizens with the latest in communications technology during city and state emergencies.  Forms are available at our Center.  Your registration will allow you to receive notices about Emergency Weather, Power Outages, Road Conditions and State of CT Emergency updates on your home/cell phone or via e-mail.

REMINDER FROM THE SENIOR COMMISSION:  All individuals attending the Senior Center for activities scheduled in the monthly Membership Newsletter are required to be current Members of the Center.  Members who participate in any of our programs should sign in on the Attendance Sheet provided by the Instructor and include their Membership Number.  All participants need to complete a Medical & Physical Activity Consent form. Those not providing their current Membership Number or Activity form will not be able to participate in that program.  If an event allows non-Members to attend, it will be so stated in the announcement.    Compliance of this policy will be monitored as requested by the Senior Commission.


AS A COURTESY TO OUR SPEAKERS……Please arrive before the program begins, turn off your cell phone and do not engage in conversations while the speaker is talking.  It is very distracting to both the presenter and those attending.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Wii BOWLING:  Join our members on Thursdays at 2:00 PM for a friendly game of Wii Bowling.  Great fun and exercise!

B – I – N - G – 0!  Bingo is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 PM in the Bingo Room.  Bingo will no longer be cancelled when there is a Birthday Party or Social Dance scheduled. Bingo is cancelled only when there is a catered dinner. Come and enjoy a relaxing and fun afternoon.


SCRABBLE:  Our Scrabble group meets Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM.  Need to be a member to participate.

POOL LESSONS:  Pool lessons are available for our members. Call (203) 924-9324 for an appointment. Need to be a member to participate.

LIONS INTERNATIONAL RECYCLE FOR SIGHT AND HEARINNG PROJECT:  The Senior Center is now a drop off site for your old eyeglasses and hearing aids.


MEMBERSHIP BOARD: Minutes and Agenda of your Membership Meeting and the Agenda and Minutes of the Senior Commission Meeting are posted on the Membership Board outside of the Assembly (Bingo) Room.


SENIOR CENTER INFO LINE:  Our Center has a special telephone number to call for daily announcements, cancellations and information.  The information available:  cancellations or changes in any of the daily activities, details regarding a special function for that day and the daily menu.  The number is:  (203) 924-2355.


EMERGENCY LIGHT FLASHERS: The Shelton Senior Center provides Emergency Flashing Lights that help ambulance crews, police and firefighters locate homes more quickly in the event of an emergency.  Flashers are limited and available to Shelton residents only who are over the age of 55. If interested, call the Center at (203) 924-9324.


SHOPPING BUS SCHEDULE: The bus picks up and returns to the Center after shopping.  There is no charge.

August  07 - Ansonia Stop & Shop or Shop Rite

August 14 - Adams-IGA

August 21 - Ansonia Stop & Shop or Shop Rite

August 28 - Adams-IGA

PARTY TICKET PURCHASE: When buying tickets for table-assigned parties all Members can pick up numbers at 9:00 AM for ticket sale at 9:30 AM.  Members buying party tickets at 1:00 PM can pick up numbers at 11:30 AM.   When purchasing Birthday or Social Party tickets, no numbers are used. Please present your up-to-date Membership Card and your partner’s Membership Card at sign up.  If you live out-of-town, you can have another member purchase your ticket with your Membership Card. Only on the first day of ticket sales do we follow the specified time for selling: 9:30 to 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Tickets will be sold up until the Wednesday (12:00 Noon) before the event. Checks payable to: Shelton Senior Center.

TRIP REGISTRATION: On the day of REGISTRATION, all members interested in the trip should come to the Center at 9:00 AM and take a number at the Reception Desk.  Each member may register them self and one (1) other member.  Registration begins at 9:30 AM.  Please have Membership Cards for both you and your partner; your check and meal selection if needed. Registration will be on a first come ~ first serve basis.  After the initial Registration, you may register any time.  Please Note:  Trips must be paid for by check (no cash) made payable to the Travel Agency sponsoring the trip.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have to cancel your trip, please notify the Center.  We will make every effort to reimburse your ticket from our “Wait List.”  Please do not transfer the ticket yourself or ask another member to do so – we will need the proper information for the replacement, registration and refund.



LUSCIOUS LOBSTER:  August 13.  Cost:  $97.00.  Names Called:  8:15 AM. Today you'll enjoy a Lobsterfest Lunch at the elegant Delaney House in Holyoke, MA.  Lunch includes:  Clam Chowder, Broiled Lobster, Roasted Corn, Baked Potato and an Ice Cream Sundae for Dessert.  Each guest will receive a petite bottle of wine.  You may substitute Chicken if order at the time of sign-up.  After lunch, relax and enjoy a leisurely river Cruise long the Connecticut River aboard the Lady Bea.  This is a 75 minute narrated river cruise.  There is both indoor and outdoor seating.  Gratuities included.  Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

INTREPID:  September 5. Cost: $91.00. There will be multiple pickups due to the "no minimum" tour status.  Off we go to New York - upon arrival, we'll enjoy lunch at Carmine's - served family style.  Platters will include Rigatoni & Broccoli and Chicken Parmigiana with all the fixings.  After lunch we will visit the recently refurbished U.S.S. Intrepid.  This carrier is now a floating museum on the Hudson River.  The most recent addition to the museum is the Space Shuttle Pavilion.  Gratuity included.  Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

FOXWOOD CASINO: September 24. Cost: $20.00. REGISTRATION:  August 2.  Names Called:  7:45 AM/Return:  5:30 PM.  Casino Package and gratuity included.  Cash or make checks payable to Shelton Senior Center.


GERMANFEST (THE WILLIAMS INN): October 24.  Please note date change. Names Called:  7:30 AM. Cost:  $81.00. Registration: August 9.  Names Called: 8:00 AM.  We depart from our Center heading to The Williams Inn in Williamstown, MA for a Germanfest Celebration. Enjoy authentic cuisine: Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Sauerbraten, Potato Pancakes, Pork Loin, Roast Baron of Beef and a fantastic Dessert Table!  Laugh and enjoy the interactive German-influenced entertainment. Our next stop is in South Deerfield and the famous Yankee Candle Company.  Enjoy a self-guided tour of their candle production and museum. There is also time for shopping. Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

SPELLBINDING DAY IN SALEM, MA:  October 29.  Cost:  $95.00.  Registration:  August 16.  Names Called:  6:45 AM.  Today we board our Motorcoach (not a broom) en route to Salem, MA.  We will visit and tour the House of Seven Gables, which was built in 1668 and inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous novel.  Lunch is included today at Victoria Station located at Pickering Wharf at Salem Harbor.  A choice of Prime Rib or Baked Haddock is served with all the trimmings.  After Lunch, we will visit the Salem Witch Museum.  View a powerful, half-hour, multisensory presentation on the famous 1692 Witch trials.  Gratuities included.  Checks payable to Getaway Tours.

RADIO CITY ~ CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR:  November 20.  Cost:  $155.00.  This is a no minimum tour, there will be multiple pickups. Registration: September 13.  We are off to NYC to enjoy the spectacular Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall.  Upon arrival you'll enjoy lunch at Carmine's~ served family style with platters of Rigatoni & Broccoli and Chicken Parmigiana.  Then to RCMH to enjoy the 2013 Radio City Christmas Spectacular. This is a wonderful way to start the Holiday Season! Gratuities included. Checks payable to Getaway Tours. 

TRIP PARKING:  When traveling with the Senior Center, please park in the Police/Senior parking lot if there are spaces available.  If there are no available spaces, you may park in the outer and far end area of the Senior Center Lot. Thank you for your co-operation.