Avalon Shelton named in top 100 for customer service

ORA Power Rankings recently announced that Avalon Shelton, on 185 Canal Street has come in the top 100 in customer service for 2015 for all rental apartment communities in the nation.

Not for just Avalon apartments but for all apartments. Avalon Shelton was the only rental apartment community in Connecticut to receive this honor. In the United States, there are 2.5 million rental apartment communities. Avalon Shelton ranked 46 out of 100 as of May 2015.

Jim Capra, 4th Ward Alderman who helps manage the Avalon property, said he is proud to hear about Avalon Shelton’s success and it was a collaborative effort.

“I am truly blessed to have an incredible team! It truly is a team effort,” said Capra. ‘’We have a fantastic leasing team who helps with the move in process for all our new residents and to making sure the residents feel right at home.”

Capra added that the high quality customer service comes from employees taking pride in their work.

“We are blessed to have an outstanding maintenance team that takes pride in their work and makes the property shine everyday! The maintenance team is the backbone of our property and deserves so much recognition for their hard work and dedication.”

Capra explained that the staff’s friendly demeanor contributes to the comfort of residents.

“The leasing team especially treats our residents like we are neighbors and we want to make sure they feel right at home, not just a short term place to live,” said Capra. “We have many residents everyday stop by the leasing office to have a cup of coffee, to chat about sports to picking up a dog or cat treat for their pet and just to stop by and say hello. Having that type of relationship with your residents is truly special and the team really enjoys making the residents lives happy.”

Following the huge accomplishment, Capra says his team’s mindset going into the next year is to continue their high standard of customer service and creating a homey environment for residents.

“Our main goals are always to give the best customer service, maintain a high occupancy rate and let people know that even though we are located in downtown Shelton, people want to make a home here.”