Bailey heads to France for Teaching Assistant program

After graduating from Shelton High in 2012 and earning her bachelor’s degree from Hood College back in May, Katie Bailey of Shelton is preparing to set off on the next phase of her journey.

Her post graduation plans include participating in the Teaching Assistant Program in France for 2016-17.

Bailey graduated with a double major in political science and French and a minor in economics and she speaks French fluently. She said after studying abroad in Paris back in 2014 and working as a Teacher’s Assistant with middle schoolers she knew she wanted to come back, but is looking for new experiences.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people. I will most likely be sharing an apartment for the year that I’m staying,” said Bailey. “When I was here the first time I worked with middle school kids so I think if I had the chance to work with high schoolers that would be interesting.”

Bailey said she will find out what grade level she will be working with at some point in July, but nonetheless she is excited to immerse herself in the French culture.

In preparation for her trip to France, Bailey said part of her job is to bring and collect things from the US that show the students what it’s like to live in another country. She said she will bring postcards from D.C and New York, a map of the states, CDs, and foods that are easy make.

The program she is teaching through is run by the French government. According to Bailey, they hire about 1,100 Americans to assist in different level english classes throughout country and she was lucky enough to be selected back in April.

Bailey and one other student from will be traveling from Hood College, but the other girl will be in Strasbourg. She explained that at the end of the year of the year she will have the option to re-sign the contract which would extend her stay, but her plans are to attend graduate school immediately after.

“I will be attending Middlebury Institute of International studies, where I will be studying international environmental policy,” said Bailey. “The school requires half of my courses to be in french so I’m glad to be taking a year off to brush up on my french.“

Bailey’s family is excited for her to experience this new position as a TA and her younger sister will also be traveling abroad in the upcoming year, but will be studying in Florence.