Bashar joins team Lauretti

Lauretti’s first move in his 13th term is a new hire

The day after Election Day, Mayor Mark Lauretti’s first order of business in his 13th term in office was to hire Attorney John P. Bashar as his Administrative Assistant.

Lauretti said Bashar’s experience owning his own legal practice and knowledge of the city made him qualified for the position.

“At this point in his life I think it’s a good move for him and he’s a good fit for me,” said Lauretti. “You need to have people on your team that understand the process, government, and understand politics. Jack Bashar fits those terms.”

Bashar will take over the position for Sandy Nesteriak, who retired in 2009 after serving 18 years in the position. He is set to begin his new set of duties on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

“I am humbled and honored that Mayor Lauretti has offered me this important position in his administration, I have lived here for almost 40 years and raised my three children here. They were educated in the Shelton Public Schools and have gone on to very successful careers. My daughter and son-in-law, together with my grandchild, have chosen to return to Shelton and also reside here, so I am totally invested in this city. I have served the city in a number of different capacities, and look forward to this new experience of public service. I love this city, and I pledge that I will work hard to help Mayor Lauretti and his administration to continue the accomplishments that the Lauretti administration has completed over the last 24 years to make this city one of the most successful cities in the State of connecticut. I thank the mayor for this opportunity,” said Bashar.

Lauretti said he is looking forward to a long and productive partnership with Bashar for years to come.

“How can you not love this city?” said Bashar. “You have to give a ton of credit to Lauretti and his administration as they have continued the positive trend of keeping the taxes low even in bad times. The city of Shelton still prospered through tough times and I think that speaks volumes. I just want to be a part of it and help continue to move it along in any way I can.”