Ben McGorty achieved 100% voting record

State Representative Ben McGorty (R-122) achieved a perfect one-hundred-percent voting record during the regular 2015 Legislative Session according to statistics compiled by the House Clerk’s Office.

This year, Rep. McGorty cast his vote on 379 separate pieces of legislation that made it to the floor of the House of Representatives.  Perfect attendance is a very difficult thing to achieve, with only about 20% of legislators able to do so this year.

"I make it my top priority to be present as much as possible for debate and votes on the House floor to ensure the people of my district have their voices heard at the state capitol," Rep. McGorty said.  "The legislature addressed numerous issues with great impact on the lives of state residents during the last session, and each vote was important."

Rep. McGorty, who represents the 122nd district in the General Assembly, serves on the legislature’s Judiciary and Environment Committees, as well as the powerful budget-writing Appropriations Committee.