Bike safety awareness event on the Riverwalk today

Echo Hose Ambulance is holding a bike safety and awareness event on Saturday, May 18, 10-1 p.m. at the Riverwalk. There will be food, music, prizes, helmet and other giveaways.

The event will educate Shelton youth on proper safety equipment when riding. There will be a presentation by the SRT Bike Team on the various signs and safety signals to use while riding. Participants will also have the opportunity to complete a bike course using the skills learned. Youth are encouraged to bring their own bicycles.

Open time slots start with safety skills and Renegade Knight Presentation then observe bike course and complete bike course. The Renegade Knights is a motor cycle club made up of firefighters and first responders.

Ride around the parking lot, decorate your bike, face-painting and snacks Group ride around the Riverwalk.

To help Echo Hose out with the event or other endeavors, visit or send money or check to 100 Meadow Street, Shelton.