Blue Knights club award diner owner

The hum of engines echoed as the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Connecticut Chapter pulled into the Riverdale Diner lot for their monthly meeting and to present its owner with an appreciation award.

The club composed of active and retired police officers arrived on Harley Davidsons and in their bright blue vests covered in patches prior to heading inside to award Riverdale diner owner, Azmy Saad with a plaque of appreciation for setting aside space for their meetings.

“We've been coming here now just about a year the owner of the diner is very accommodating to us he gives us this one corner in the back,” said chapter president and Monroe officer, Mark Caulfield.  "We want to be the guys that want to show the positive side of motorcycling.”

He said the club obeys the traffic rules such as not swerving in and out of traffic or riding in between it, and they choose diners so there is no drinking and driving.

“Everyone of us are out here enforcing laws forty hours a week, when we are off duty we ride like we are still cops,” Caulfield said.

Their meetings are also used to schedule leisurely rides and charity events. Last week they took part in the Valley Toy Drive.

"We try to participate in as many as we can,” said retired Newtown and State Department of Correction officer Karl Sieling.

According to the Blue Knights website, the club has contributed $17.8 million to charities worldwide.

The group requires members to have been a police officer, which also enables their families to ride with them and come to the events.

"I'm loving it, it's a total family the first day I walked in,” Sieling said. “There was a few guys I knew from the road but the other guys that I didn't know and everything it was just like I've been here for ten years."

There is no probationary period for joining the club.

"We don't do the hazing, everybody here graduated from the police academy as far as we are concerned that was your hazing you made it six or seven months in the police academy you deserve to be here,” Caulfield said.

The Blue Knights meet at the Riverdale diner every second Thursday of the month.

"We're just good guys, we are the good guys,” said Joe Kubik, a retired Norwalk officer.