Board of Ed hires new financial director

Superintendent of Shelton public schools Dr. Chris Clouet said the board of education couldn’t afford to waste any time when it came to replacing its Financial Director.
“This is a key position,” said Clouet. “We were looking to see if since Dominic is leaving at the end of June, if we could have a seamless transition and have someone aboard for July 1.”

The board of ed’s current financial director, Dominic Barone, was unavailable for comment as of Tuesday, May 30.

Clouet reported that Barone has accepted a position as Wallingford’s board of education financial director because it is closer to his residence.

According to board chair Mark Holden, the board achieved its goal and hired a qualified applicant from a “pool of skilled candidates.”

“Fortunately we were able to find someone else who is eminently qualified and who I’m sure will do a very good job here in Shelton,” said Holden.

Currently superintendent of region six in Connecticut, Ed Drapp was unanimously selected as the board of ed’s new financial director and is scheduled to assume the position at the beginning of July.

Region six includes the towns of Warren, Morris and Goshen.

Drapp brings to Shelton more than 20 years of experience in business management and an MBA in corporate administration.

“I did a lot of research on Shelton and loved the direction it was heading in particularly around technology, STEAM, schools of innovation — which are all things that I’ve been involved in promoting,” said Drapp. “I look forward to working closely with the superintendent and complementing the administrative team here in Shelton.”

Holden said he feels Drapp is a good fit for the direction Shelton education is headed in.

“Welcome aboard Mr. Drapp, we look forward to working with you and I’m sure all of the principals here tonight will find you very easy to work with and very helpful,” said Holden.

Drapp said before choosing Shelton, he had watched videos of board meetings, as well as videos of Dr. Clouet posted to the education website, and felt as though he could be a positive addition to Shelton’s education team.

“I know that business management and the finance side of things is critical when supporting education and the schools so I thought that my values and aligned with what’s happening in Shelton,” said Drapp.

With hopes of continuing to enhance the experience of the students within the city, Drapp said he also hopes to help the city’s education team use its resources wisely and stretch its resources to accomplish the visions of the school board and Clouet.

New financial director comes during budget crisis

Dr. Clouet said with all of the uncertainties at the state level concerning the budget, the city is currently awaiting to see potential effects of proposed cuts. Clouet added that although the city already finalized its budget, should the state’s budget include cuts to education, the new finance director could be involved in the 2017-2018 fiscal year budget process.

“At this point, we can only do the best we can with what we know,” said Drapp. “We need to just be as transparent as we can with all of the stakeholders, let them know what all of the possibilities are and continue to do our jobs. What comes out of Hartford will impact every district throughout the state so Shelton isn’t alone in that, but what I’ve seen in Shelton and other districts alike are that people are supporting the kids and I’m expecting that’s what will continue.”

The husband and father of three said he has been in region six for 10 years and is ready for the new challenge that awaits him in Shelton.

“I’m excited to be on a team that’s moving in the right direction, down to the teachers and including the administrative team,” said Drapp.