On Saturday April 23, Boy Scout Troop 28 removed automotive, household and other garbage from an open space location adjacent to the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path in Shelton, CT. The project was done as part of the 9th Annual Shelton Clean Sweep in conjunction with Earth Day. Approximately 3000 pounds of metal, 45 tires and 15 bags of other assorted garbage were collected including a VW Bug from the 1960’s.

Scouts participating in the event included Michael Alberici, Matthew Balcerzak, Eddie Balog, Luke Barrozo, Nicholas Cebrik, A.J. Corcino, Jackson Jones, Joe LaRue, Carl Leonzi III, Anthony Martinez, Matthew Marty, Brendon Stuart, Ben Tessier, Michael Thomas, Ian Tyler, Luke Uhrynowski, Kenneth Walsh III, Ryan Welsh and Kyle Young.

Adult leaders participating in the event included Rob Balcerzak, Bob Balog, Sue Balog, Jeff Cebrik, Matt Fama, Greg Marty, Ray Stuart, Dan Tyler, Paul Uhrynowski Jr., Kenneth Walsh Jr., Joe Welsh and Brian Young.

Boy Scout Troop 28 of Shelton is a member of the Housatonic Council and was organized in 1971. The troop is sponsored by Mohegan School and meets every Thursday at the Nike Site in Shelton from 7-9 p.m. The troop currently has 40 Boy Scouts.