Boys and Girls Club collects over 1,000 pounds of clothes during clothing drive

On Feb.13 the Boy's and Girl’s Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley collected slightly over 1,000 pounds of clothing for their clothing drive/fundraiser.The event also earned $200 for Boys and Girls Club of the Lower Valley.  They collected clothing linens, shoes, handbags and belts. It is a pay by the pound program that helps earn funds for local non-profits, sports teams, churches and more by paying 20 cents a pound for everything collected- any size, any season, any condition.  The Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation have been partnering with over 300 groups over the past year and a half to do these drives and through their collaboration with Savers are able to pay by the pound since they are a non-profit as well.  So while people are getting rid of unnecessary items the funds help with a local team or group and support Big Brothers Big Sisters in the area..