CURRENT TEMPS: How does 72 and sunny sound? Well, move to southern California

It is really cold outside in Shelton, and it’s going to get colder tonight. As of 4:30 p.m., it’s sunny and 9 degrees with a wind chill factor of 6-below-zero in Shelton, according to the National Weather Service.

Air temperatures tonight into early Saturday should dip to 7-below-zero, without the wind chill being factored in.

How does the current 9 degrees in Shelton compare to the temperature in some other spots in the United States? Here, according to, are the current temperatures and weather conditions in some other locations:

Burlington, Vt.:  -4 degrees  (fair)

Boston:  13 degrees  (mostly cloudy)

Buffalo, N.Y.:  7 degrees  (partly cloudy)

Charlotte, N.C.:  35 degrees  (sunny)

Chicago:  15 degrees  (cloudy)

Dallas:  51 degrees  (sunny)

Denver:  63 degrees   (partly cloudy)

Las Vegas: 56 degrees  (sunny)

Los Angeles:  72 degrees  (sunny)

Minneapolis:  18 degrees   (light snow)

Miami:  67 degrees  (partly cloudy)

Philadelphia:  18 degrees  (sunny)

Phoenix: 73 degrees  (fair)

St. Louis:  28 degrees  (sunny)

Seattle:  44 degrees  (mostly cloudy)