Calling all voters

Each year registered citizens over the age of 18 are called upon to go to the polls to make decisions on whom they trust to provide our city, state or nation with the security and wellbeing of our family members.  This year the voters prime goal should will be to ensure that the elected municipal officials have the capacity, knowledge, experience and courage to continue to make Shelton a place where we can live, work and enjoy our leisure time. The Shelton Republican Town Committee has, under the Lauretti Administration, provided competent and note worthy citizens who have proudly served the city in many capacities over the past 26 years.  No administration has been more proactive in endorsing the city's most productive citizens to elected positions but also appointing many others to serve on the boards and commissions which review, renew and provide us with the many programs and services that we rely on each day.

The Shelton Republican Town Committee has always been committed to the philosophy and the mandate that "at the end of the day you do what is right".   This statement is one Mayor Mark A. Lauretti has always advocated for.    Our list of candidates for the upcoming Nov. 7, 2017 Municipal election is for endorsed candidates in all positions.   Your right, privilege and duty is to be the decision maker in any election.  On Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. you are able to once again make the choices that will provide Shelton with the persons who are willing to be elected and serve the citizens of Shelton.

Your vote counts, please come out and cast your ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Please go to the our SRTC website ( & Facebook) and find the list of endorsed Republican candidates and their biographies.   We are pleased to once again provide the city of Shelton with a list

of very dedicated and talented individuals who have proven they understand and advocate for all of Shelton's citizens.

Any voter who requires assistance with registering to vote, where to vote, absentee ballot information, rides to the polls or questions about the candidates is welcome to call 203-605-7712 for more information.