Celebrate Shelton's final Downtown Sounds summer concert

Residents shopped, sang, and stuffed their faces as Celebrate Shelton’s final Downtown Sounds summer concert kicked off, Friday Aug. 5 at Veterans Memorial Park.

During the festivities, creators of Celebrate Shelton, Nicole Heriot-Mikula, Jimmy Tickey and Michael Skrtic, made the announcement that they would be taking over Food Trucks in the Valley.

“Veronica Parsloe created the event two years ago with the Parent Child Resource Center and since PCRC has merged with BH Care the event was kind of up in the air,” said Heriot-Mikula. “We’ve been looking to take on more events under our Celebrate Shelton umbrella.”

Celebrate Shelton’s creators went on to say they constantly looking for ways to collaborate with and create more fun gatherings for the community.

“This is bigger than us” said Heriot-Mikula.

This year’s Food Trucks in the Valley will feature 30-35 food trucks, a beer garden, a classic car show, and more.

Tickey said he is especially proud of the amount of people their events have been drawing into the downtown area. He added that the three creators knew the potential of what Celebrate Shelton could grow into and they foresee more growth in the future as it serves a purpose in the community.

“It’s really all about what the title says, celebrating Shelton,” said Tickey. “We think every community should have something like this and as of now we are staying Shelton based but sky’s the limit.”

Heriot-Mikula, Tickey, and Skrtic agreed that Celebrate Shelton is in it for the long haul.

“We have been given the respect and people are beginning to understand that we are not going anywhere,” said Heriot-Mikula.

Final Downtown Sounds Concert

The final concert featured handmade artisan vendors, a beer garden sponsored by Two Roads Brewing Company, and  food trucks for families to enjoy.

Food trucks at the event included: Caseus Cheese Truck, Common Bond Market, Dad's Food Truck, Mama Dee's Italian Kitchen, Gypsy Joe Cafe, Pierogies on Wheels and Tipsy Ice Cream Cones.

As featured in previous Downtown Sound concerts, multiple acts took the stage to perform while the crowd enjoyed the other festivities. For the final concert, the musical line-up consisted of Frank Viele and West End Blend.

Celebrate Shelton’s creators were excited to announce that they have a lot in store for the residents of Shelton and are preparing the schedules for their Small Business Saturdays and Holiday Handmade Markets in the upcoming months.

For more information on Celebrate Shelton events visit their website http://www.celebrateshelton.com/