Celine Rose Mariotti of Shelton has written a story entitled, “They Called Him Up Yonder” which is being published in the 2015 Goose River Press Anthology.  This anthology is put out by Goose River Press of Waldeboro, Maine.

The story is based on different memories her father, Peter J. Mariotti shared with her and her family about his time in battle during the Korean War. Peter was in the Army, 1st  Cavalry, 7th Regiment.  He fought on the Puson Perimeter and outside of Taegu.  He was wounded in action in the battle outside of Taegu. Only he and another soldier survived.  Peter J. Mariotti passed away on May 9, 2011.

Celine has had many stories and poems published in magazines and journals across the country and overseas, and even in some online magazines.  She is also the author of several books such as: “I Have a Friend on Jupiter”, “Minister’s Shoes”, “Adventures on Capitol Hill-The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson”, “Words of Inspiration”, “Through Celine’s Eyes”, “Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?”, and “What Corporate America is Really All About”.

For a copy of the 2015 Goose River Press Anthology, in which Celine’s story, “They Called Him Up Yonder” appears, contact Celine at: celinem@aol.com