Chief Hurliman said it was ‘his time’ to step down

Shelton’s chief of police Joel Hurliman, said although he is set to retire from his current position on Friday, Oct. 16, he is busy making sure he doesn’t leave the job undone.

“I am the chief up until the last minute,” said Hurliman. “I have a lot of inventories to complete and things to sign over still. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and of course, if something serious were to happen between now and Friday, I am still the chief.”

Hurliman said he plans to take some time off and then will decide what his next move will be.

“I am not looking for another chief’s job,” said Hurliman. “They say you’ll know when it’s time, and it’s that time for me.”

He was promoted to chief back in 2006 and had been working on one-year contracts for the past two years.

Mayor Mark Lauretti announced that Hurliman’s replacement, at least on a temporary basis, would be police Capt. Shawn Sequeira, a retired state police detective.

Sequeira is a 35-year-old Stratford resident and father of two who retired from the state police to become a Shelton police captain this spring. While with the state police, Sequeira was a detective assigned to the Major Crime Squad. He said he was humbled by being considered for the position.

“I’m honored to have been requested,” said Sequeira. “I knew that someone had to fill the position, but when I heard it was me I was truly honored and grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the city in whatever way possible. I look forward to facing this challenge, and I’ve immediately begun preparing for it.”

Already beginning his briefing of the city’s history and discussing some strategies for the department’s future, Sequeira said he is excited, to say the least, about entering his new position.

“I realize I have huge shoes to fill and I am looking forward to it,” said Sequeira. “When the mayor first told me of his decision to hire me on a temporary basis, I thanked him for the opportunity, and he called me down to his office, where we immediately got down to business. Me and Joel have been doing a lot of briefing and going over the demands of the department. He’s been a big part of Shelton for almost 40 years, so I can understand why he would want to leave it in the condition he always had it in.”

He will be the city’s first black supervisor in Shelton police department history. Sequeira said the details on the length of his term as the interim chief have not been discussed yet.

“I was wondering that myself,” said Sequeira. “We haven’t discussed that at all yet, but I was honored that I was asked to serve at all. However long Lauretti needs me, I’ll be here.”