Chipotle to close its doors for a few hours Feb. 8

Residents and those looking to grab some quick Mexican food for lunch will have to go elsewhere on Monday, Feb.8 as Chipotle is scheduled to close all of their locations from 11 a.m until 3 p.m for a safety meeting.

The company said it will share information about what it believes caused the E.coli outbreak late last year and what it's doing to prevent more, and thank workers for implementing new food safety procedures.

Following the reports of the outbreak late in 2015, the chain restaurant has chosen to change some of its cooking techniques to lessen the chance of another outbreak. According to a Chicago Tribune article, Chipotle’s onions will be dipped in boiling water to kill germs before they're chopped, raw chicken will be marinated in re-sealable plastic bags, rather than in bowls and cilantro will be added to freshly cooked rice so the heat gets rid of microbes in the garnish.

Shelton’s first Chipotle arrived late last year, shortly before the outbreak was first reported. Updates on how the outbreak and closing will affect the business are to come.