City purchases 760 Chromebooks

The city of Shelton has agreed to purchase 760 new Chrome books and related infrastructure for the elementary K-8 grades.

This purchase will add an additional 90 minutes to each student’s daily computer access time in response to the increased need for students to test, research and learn via computer. You might say that this change is tantamount to almost removing pens and pencils from the classroom. It represents the difference from the learning process of just a few years ago, which is indicative of just how fast the digital world is changing the way students learn.

The Board of Aldermen recently approved this purchase, led by Board President John Anglace.

Mayor Lauretti said he met with parents recently and they indicated the need to explore expanded technology. He and Superintendent Clouet immediately agreed that this investment will have a direct impact to student learning.

Superintendent Clouet said that it is his goal to expedite these Chromebooks through the purchase and readiness process and get them into the classrooms in this school year.