'Coffee Break' local news program debuts on Monday

A new show, “Coffee Break,” will mark the start of daily programming on HANRadio.com when it debuts Monday, May 5.

Every weekday morning at 10, “Coffee Break” will give listeners a chance to get brought up to date on overnight local news, and help plan for the day ahead. An hour after arriving at work, grab a cup of joe, visit hanradio.com or another Hersam Acorn site, and get briefed on the news happening around you.

Anchored by Kate Czaplinski, editor of The Trumbull Times, and John Kovach, editorial and Web director of Hersam Acorn’s eastern operation, “Coffee Break” will also feature regular traffic and weather updates, as well as local sports results and schedules that aren’t being broadcast elsewhere.

“‘Coffee Break’ is the next logical progression in our expanding radio presence in Southwestern Connecticut. Using our extensive news-gathering operations to drive up-to-the-minute news, sports and political content through our radio platform will make for a compelling daily listening  experience for our audience,” said Martin V. Hersam, chief operating officer.

“This new program is another way for those who live in Southwestern Connecticut to be one step ahead of the news with useful information and last-minute news,” said Thomas Nash, publisher.

“John and Kate are part of the core group that has been so instrumental in helping to get HAN Radio on the air. Their show is the beginning of the next phase for us,” said Rob Adams, general manager of HAN Radio.

“Coffee Break” joins the existing lineup on hanradio.com: coverage of local high school sporting events; “Behind the News,” a look at how the big stories unfold and are reported, Fridays at noon; “Radio Arts & Leisure,” Fridays at 1 p.m.; and “Yankee Fisherman,” a one-hour show about all things angling in Connecticut and throughout the Northeast, Fridays at 2 p.m.