Coffee with your Legislators

State Representatives Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty were accompanied by Senator Kevin Kelly to  discuss the 2016 legislative session at their event Coffee with your Legislators on June 3.
"Legislators need to be focused on what the residents of their town's want and need, that is more important your party,” said Perillo. “We as legislators don't have an allegiance to anyone but the people who elect us.”

A group of 19 people, several  from the group Save Our Shelton also known as SOS discussed issues with the politicians on what matters to them in their towns and what they would like to see fixed or changed.

“[Politicians] need to know what you want,” said Shelton resident Joe Costa. “We put them there.”

Costa was one of the Shelton residents that visited the meeting out of concern for potential development on Bridgeport Ave. He was not able to attend the planning and zoning event and came to the meeting to find information.

In regard to the planning and zoning hearing and making an impact in state government, Perillo encouraged the audience to be active in communicating with politicians. He stressed having big turnouts from the public for events.

"Don't ever think you've done everything you can do because there is always something next,” Perillo said. “Your voice matters, your vote matters."

Another Shelton resident that came to the coffee meeting out of concern for the development was Judy Tillman. She stated that the proposal would be built around her backyard and is worried about the impact it could have on the wells on her property.

Other topics addressed were proposed budgets, tax increases, highway tolls and Gov. Malloy policies.

"That is one of the reason's we do things like this is to show you that your opinion does matter,” Perillo said.

The next Coffee with your Legislators meeting has yet to be determined.

"It's great that people are getting involved and that is what makes it work republican or democrat or even independant,” said McGorty. “Come out talk to us, give us ideas that's what makes it work."